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every second tuesday

she walks the boardwalk

everysecondtues is a mixed fannish and rl journal. everysecondtuesday is the Dreamwidth version and Tuesday's main journal.

Tuesday's fic is mostly linked on her fic Delicious.

Tuesday herself is a fandom butterfly. She writes and draws but doesn't always share. Currently, she's taking a break from the fan art for lack of time and inclination.

Fandoms of interest include TDS/TCR, Political RPF, Merlin, Psych, Naruto, SGA, Hikago, and many more.

Friending Policy: Friend, unfriend, access, remove access, subscribe, or unsubscribe at will. I hope you don't take too much offense if I do much the same. Status on my reading list isn't necessarily indicative of how I view our interpersonal relationship.

Warning: This journal may contain various things that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate to minors. You are duly warned. All things that are labeled "not worksafe" are also probably not considered to be appropriate for minors. Some other things may also be inappropriate for children. Please keep this in mind: if your parents don't want you to look at it, please don't. I am not your parent and I am not here to keep an eye on you or keep you out of trouble--please show some semblance of judgment.

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a taxing woman, academia, akihika, angelic layer, azure dreams, beck, bl, black lab, blue october, bob, butlers, caffeine, cardcaptor sakura, cats, celeste, chicago, chouji, chris bunch, clamp, coffee, complex plot and characterization, crack!fic, cyberpunk, david hewlett, death note, doctor who, doujinshi, dragonquest, dragoste din tei, ds, due south, english, fake, fandom, fantasy, fic, final fantasy, flogging molly, fma, forbiddenloveofthebutler, gaara, gen, gus/mira, guy, guy/kakashi, hagane no renkinjutsushi, harry dresden, hataraki man, het, hikago, him, house md, howl's moving castle, japanese, jbp's jeremy, jim butcher, jules/lassiter, kakairu, kakashi, kankurou, kanye being totally awesome, kanye west, kindaichi case files, kingdom hearts, l, lamps, languages, lee, lee/gaara, legal drug, locke, luk, luk/saja, lynn flewelling, maito gai, manga, matsuda, miyazaki, muse, my cat, myths, naruto, neil gaiman, neverwhere, nintendo, original fiction, original trilogy, other life: azure dreams, ouran highschool host club, pillows, placebo, playstation, poppy z. brite, psych, radek zelenka, rayearth, risk, rock lee, rodney mckay, rodney/anyone, rodney/coffee, rodney/radek, rodney/ronon, roy mustang, sakura, savatage, sci-fi, sg1, sga, shakespeare's sonnets, shawn/gus, shikamaru, shindou hikaru, simon r green, slash, slayers, socks, something corporate, space opera, speculative fiction, steampunk, suki dakara suki, tanya huff, tatu, teenage mutant ninja turtles, temari, terry pratchett, the dresden case files, the fine print, tokyo babylon, torchwood, touya akira, triphop, ts, video games, websudoku, wish, world-jumpers, writing, x japan, yotsubato!, yuri