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Today's genius moment: Spilling Diet Coke on myself and my clean sheets (which are thick enough, fortunately, that they prevented much from soaking into the bed in the short time before I yanked them off). I am extremely thankful to have a laundry machine here, keeping Laundry Day Strikes Back from being terribly inconvenient. I suppose this is what I get for allowing a relapse with my Diet Coke addiction.

Yay for that amazing Gwen vid, because it really is like a pocketful of sunshine. Gwen, I want you to be my harbor. *_*


I have been neglecting the baby animals. You know who hasn't? This awesome hen. She didn't hatch those puppies, but by God, she will peck off anyone's face who threatens them.


Remix Redux is doing test sign-ups. If you feel so inclined, go help try and break the form! Test signing up is not real signing up and does not obligate you to participate.


It seems that once sign-ups are open, they'll be open until the 23rd. Yay for Naruto being an eligible fandom again, because it means I can definitely play this year. All the same, I'm going to try to finish one at least 100 word HP fic and either three 500 word or four 100 word SPN fic to bring my qualifying fandoms up. (Look, I need at least one of the two by some point, because there is no guarantee Naruto won't drop off the qualifying fandoms list again next year.)

What this brings me to is: Does anyone have any tiny HP prompts? I'm only taking one. My loves in that direction tend toward Neville, Luna, and Hermione, along with shameful Draco and Snape love. I'm sure you all know my feelings about Dumbledore/Grindelwald, too, but I've already written my stories for them.

Also: Does anyone have any short SPN prompts? My loves are mainly seasons four and five, Castiel, Castiel/Dean, Dean/Pie, Dean/Impala, Ruby, Sam being Castiel's BFF, Ruby being Castiel's unexpected and somewhat awkward and totally amazing BFF, and lots of awesome ladies I refuse to believe are dead.

No guarantees on any of these, but considering my current wip list, this is the only time I'll be taking prompts until my next "spot the Tuesday" contest during Remix Redux posting. (Excepting, of course, the ones still open from the people who won my last "spot the Tuesday" contest.)

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